"Alex has helped grow our startup from $0 to $500,000 in sales on the first year with just on page website. Your strategies and insights have been instrumental to the success of our company."
Derek M.
E-commerce Business
"The marketing strategies are a great asset to my company. Alex has helped our home development / Real Estate division generate over 8,000 leads in just 6 month responsible for the sale of 13 apartment units in just 1 day."
John Kisson
"We have been approached by many other digital marketing companies, and have tried several, who are personable only to get you signed. Alex took my under-performing business from $100,000 loss a year to $1.3 million in profits the following year with just one marketing strategy that not only increasing our sales but also our company brand."
James Andersen
Home Improvement
"Alex was very valuable to me as I needed to grow my business. He has helped our team develop new marketing strategies responsible for over $8 million in new business opportunities on first year and $13 Million dollars on the second year."
Brian Stanley
Home Builder
"With the internet constantly evolving , I know Alex and his team have my company best interest at heart and really want to grow my business within a long term partnership. After hiring Alex we have been generating over 60 new patients per month and grew our practice from one location to 3 locations in just 3 years"
Dr. P. Gross
"I've worked with several marketing agencies and found Alex to be the most professional. In fact, it's unlikely that I'll ever work with another again. After working with Alex we have been generating 10 to 20 new business leads everyday with a small marketing budget"
Omar I.
Junk Removal
"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without wasting anytime. My phone was ringing next hour and generating over 30 new clients every month on a small budget. Thank you Alex."
Alene M.
"After working with Alex since 2007 I have been booked solid ever since. His strategies have added over a quarter of a million dollars into my practice every year. Thank you Alex for all your efforts and hard work..."
Dr. Gehegan

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